Tickets The Bracelets, Live in the Lobby in Berlin

Tickets for The Bracelets Live in the Lobby 21.04.24 in Berlin, Michelberger Hotel

Sunday 21.04.24
Entrance: 6:30 pm, Start: 7:30 pm
Michelberger Hotel , Warschauer Str. 39-40, 10243 Berlin

Tickets for The Bracelets Berlin


United by their love for improvisation, experimentation, and songwriting, Bracelets sail through the vast sea of possibilities, hopping from one musical island to another. Together they keep discovering catchy and sometimes predetermined melodies that spring from ambient soundscapes. Magically they layer haunting vocals and sometimes dive into intense interplay. 

In their powerful live shows, Bracelets take the listener on an expedition where there is time to breathe and explore every incoming thought as a possibility for something new. 

Helsinki-based Karin & Selma bring in Nordic melancholy with their emotive, twin-like vocals, electric guitar, synth pads, and effect pedals while Tobias, with his human-sounding trombone, builds a majestic wall of sound alongside Stefan's hypnotizing drumming and organic percussions. Both musicians are currently based in Berlin.

Sunday, 21st April, 7:30 pm


Pictures @Anne Jahn