Tickets Equinox Celebration, with Anne & Nadine in Berlin

Tickets for Equinox Celebration with Anne & Nadine 23.09.23 in Berlin, Michelberger Hotel

Saturday 23.09.23
Entrance: 10.15 AM, Start: 10.30 AM
Michelberger Hotel , Warschauer Str. 39-40, 10243 Berlin

Tickets for Equinox Celebration Berlin


One of the most powerful teachings that we received from our lineage is to celebrate and honor the 4 markers of seasonal change.

They are portals into a new phase and open fields of high energy.

We live in an undying circle that constantly changes and that creates by building up on the preceded period. 

There is a season to plant, a season to care, a season to harvest and a season to rest. Bringing awareness to these shifts withholds a great power.

On the EQUINOX darkness and light meet on an equal footing. On this planet of polarity we hit a neutral point today.

Meditate and do yoga - experience your oneness in a shared practice.

Today is the most important day in every humans life, it's the Equinox. We, who have become civilized are most uncivilized people, through time we have forgotten everything about Heavens, and through our scientific mind, we feel Jupiter hangs in there, Moon hangs in there, they are there, we are here, religion didn't help us either, why the Moslem have Ramadan, why people have some celebrations, we were much better, when we were simple, then we understood nature, now we conquer the nature, harness the nature, the resources, we have become weaker, vague.

Today I am going to deal with you, because today I definitely can do it, because today is the Equinox day, hypnotic self, today is the day, today the Heavens are crossing, the cold is crossing to heat, today the warm things, awakening, hibernation, hibernation, seasonal hibernation is over, spring is setting in. 

March 20, 1991 / Los Angeles, CA