Tickets Ignite your Radiance, Summer Solstice Celebration in Berlin

Tickets for Ignite your Radiance Summer Solstice Celebration 17.06.23 in Berlin, Michelberger Hotel

Saturday 17.06.23
Entrance: 9:45, Start: 10:00
Michelberger Hotel , Warschauer Str. 39-40, 10243 Berlin

Tickets for Ignite your Radiance Berlin


kundalini yoga, live music, chanting, ceremony, celebration 

with Hansu Jot  x Panch Nishan  

At Michelberger Hotel 

Saturday June 17th 10:00 - 13:00  

Ignite your inner radiance at our Summer Solstice Celebration! Experience a profound synchronization with the sun, both within and without. Harness its zenith to amplify your inner sight, gain transformative insights, and energize your vision. By aligning with the natural rhythms of life, you can effortlessly flow instead of resisting. Set your rhythm for ease and clarity, breaking through limitations and aligning with your deepest intentions.

Join us for an invigorating Kundalini Yoga workshop that will cleanse and strengthen your body, revealing your untapped potential. Through the power of enchanting mantras, your mind will be illuminated, clearing the path of obstacles and allowing life to work in your favor. Engage in sacred ceremony touch the essence of your being, carrying you into a new season of life with renewed purpose.

The Summer Solstice holds great significance for yogis, a day to meditate and embrace the transformative power of the sun's highest point. Even a small moment of meditation and shared practice during this extraordinary time of year can set the stage for a transformative journey ahead. Come and bask in the sunlight as we create a beautiful and unforgettable experience together.

About the teacher:

Hansu jot -

We live in a world made of sound and the deeper we listen and surrender to the vibration of the divine,we synchronize and tune in into a space in where we feel the connection with ourselves and the living universe. And as we begin to express through our voices the sacred mantra, we give ourselves back to the creator and all emotions turn into a flow of devotion. And magically we enter into an ocean of bliss, completing the cycle of divine creation, innocent, pure and full of love for the Onein Everyone. Inspired through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Hansu Jot is blending the ancient Mantras with heartfelt melodies into a new dimension of devotional music and Sacred Chanting.

Hansu Jot is born in Hamburg/Germany with a taiwanese mother and a german father. Having finished the Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2012 Hansu Jot is now traveling and touring the world to teach Kundalini Yoga workshops and share the Sacred Sound through Naad Yoga and Sacred Chant Concert events. Hansu Jot is part of Kundalini Yoga teacher and Sacred Sound training teams in Europe, in the US and in China and is co-founder of the “ASHA - Awakening of the Self-sensory Human Avatar” international trainings.

He has published three Sacred Chant albums with the band Tera Naam and his first solo album: ”To The Stars And Back” in December 2017

his second album “ I AM I AM - The movement in June 2019, a collaborative album project “Unto Infinity” in January 2020, and the Single projects: “Blue Ether”, “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur” and “Bahuta Karam”.

Since 2016 Hansu Jot is integrating the Art of Meditative Healing a KRI approved Healing Method into his teachings and personal consultations.

Panch Nishan - 

Panch Nishan has been teaching Kundalini Yoga worldwide for over 23 years from Chile to Egypt, Iceland to China; a life-long path/love/passion sparked from discovering Yoga at the age of 14. She took the chance to live in an ashram for many years, love inspired her move from the USA to Berlin where she currently lives with her husband and son. 

She passionately facilitates Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings, classes, workshops and retreats that support people to tap the well of energy within and live a fulfilling life, rather than one filled with stress and burn-out. As a systemic coach and trainer with a background in organizational leadership she is constantly spearheading change in her own life and facilitating change in those she serves. Recently founding Be Golden, a platform for combining kundalini yoga & coaching to take yoga off the mat and into our daily lives, creating a positive impact in this world lies at the heart of all her endeavors!