Tickets Radical Amazement, Cacao Ceremony & Energy Work in Zoom Live

Tickets for Radical Amazement Cacao Ceremony & Energy Work 02.05.21 in Zoom Live, Zoom

Sunday 02.05.21
Entrance: 17:00 Uhr, Start: 17:00 Uhr
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Tickets for Radical Amazement Zoom Live

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I have Cacao30,00 € 
I need Cacao 35,00 € 
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Katrin Hahner, (also known as Kenichi & The Sun) is a sonic and visual artist, an agent of radical amazement and a Master Dreamer! She's an old friend of the hotel and in recent years has begun holding Cacao Ceremonies. 

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful plant medicine spirit which helps us to reconnect the brain with the heart center and helps us remember who we actually are and what we want to contribute to this life.

The physical benefits of deep relaxation and increased focus induce a meditative state that helps us become increasingly competent to navigate life with joy, compassion, courage and in co-creation with our fellow humans and our environment. 

Katrin combines elements of her visual and musical art in her ceremonies, and we're so pleased to be hosting one together with her! 

This is a special time and we can deepen our connection with our community wide and far. In this ceremony we will focus on DEVOTION

Opening our system up to receive and perceive!  

Join us on ZOOM! 

>> We send you a single serving of cacao to your home before the ceremony so you can prepare a mug of the delicious elixir. 

>> You'll receive a PDF with preparation instructions and ZOOM access with your ticket purchase. 

>> To make sure your cacao arrives in time, please sign up before April 27! 

(If you already have cacao at home or wish to order more, please choose the „without cacao“ option)


Date: Sunday 02 May 2021, 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Exchange: if you already have cacao at home : 30EUR // if you want us to send you a single serve for the ceremony : 35EUR

(If you need Cacao, please register until Apr 27)

>> In Katrin's words

>> https://youtu.be/IEZDyLFzIrM


“You work wonders, you really do. I needed today. You are amazing!”    (Susan O´Carroll)

“Wow — your cacao ceremony, thank you for that incredible experience. I was so incredibly moved and had moments where I so strongly felt that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be, that something beyond brought me here, to be with this group, and to be led by your magic. You are radiant, welcoming, so bubbly and a shining light.” (Soul Collective Berlin)